My letter to Michael from 25.6. 2014

29. října 2014 v 15:49 | Náměsíčná |  Michael Jackson
Dear Michael,

there's so many things which I wish tell to you person-to-person. Things like "I love you"...
I´m dreaming about our meet. I can´t express it with words. And that wonderful thing is, that I really meet you in my dreams.
I´d wish be like you in my soul - resolved, rare, dreamer, talented, full of love, with no envy and anger. Just forgive with smile and give with love. I wish that I learn it someday.
I wish that you know that I simply say your name and I feel love. It heal me from sorrow and frustration, cognizance that you was here.
Why you had to go? You left behind loving people with broken hearts. I know your desire ... Never die, be here with us forever. You are. In our hearts and minds forever.
From my 5 years age I´m listening your music. You should know, that you are neatest person, I´ve ever seen. From your body and eyes shines with something special and so beautiful. Your moves, dance, voice, seems supernal to me, like a child. You was prince from the fairytale, previously and by now. You are hero in my eyes. All the good things, which you did and said. I´m connecting with you only the good things... Healing the world and the children, struggle stop to injustices, awakening people from lies.
Person like you was only one all around the world. Nobody can´t refund you.
I hope, that you are feeling better on the other side - with no pain and tears. You should be proud for your feats. You showed to people what love means and what we have to do to heal the world. Maybe we can not succeed, but from all my power I´ll try go in your trails. I swear.
Sometimes I have got feeling, like I was so close to you. Like you watched me. I even can hear your breath, your warm. I think about you every single day. I can´t stop. You are angel and I´m sorry for my sins. I know that you know them...
I think that god send you on the world, for destroy racism and help to Earth. But other people wasn't ready for someone so original, different and rare. And this people destroyed you. They weren't able to accept you.
I pray for you only happy tears and no disappointments.
I love you Michael! I need you! You are not alone, forever in my heart. ♥


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